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Thread: $35 Milling Machine Chip Booth

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    $35 Milling Machine Chip Booth

    Just 2 pieces of 3/4" EMT conduit, 3 couplings, 3 clear shower curtains and rings. 60 mins start to finish. Milling Machine Chip Booth-millingchipbooth3.jpg Milling Machine Chip Booth-millingchipbooth1.jpg Milling Machine Chip Booth-millingchipbooth2.jpg Milling Machine Chip Booth-millingboothfront.jpg
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    Thanks Catfish! I've added your Chip Booth to our Miscellaneous category, as well as to your builder page: Catfish's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Don't the hot chips melt the curtain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddickey View Post
    Don't the hot chips melt the curtain?
    It is highly unlikely that any chips traveling far enough to strike the curtain could possibly retain enough heat to melt it
    If he were producing chips that hot then he would be damaging his cutter.
    This curtain idea is great for when there is more than one person working near the milling machine at other work stations or in a one man shop where the machinist has set up the mill to run then has turned to do other tasks.
    One should always wear safety glasses in a shop but even the best side guard safety glasses can not always stop all of the tiny airborne chips produced by a mill if you are not directly facing it at all times. the particles can even get by goggles at times.
    Another thing I really like about it helps to stop the swarf being spread all over the workshop.

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    Never try to tell me it can't be done
    When I have to paint I use

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