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Thread: 1950 Fageol TC Cargoliner Self-Propelled Trailer Truck - photos

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    1950 Fageol TC Cargoliner Self-Propelled Trailer Truck - photos

    The 1950 Fageol TC Cargoliner. It was marketed as a "self-propelled trailer"; the engine was mounted in the middle of the vehicle. Only one was ever built.

    A design patent was applied for; not sure if it was granted:

    More: The Fageol 1950 TC CargoLiner A Trailer Without A Tractor | The Old Motor


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    With wagon style steering it not a wonder that only 1 was ever built.
    Now on the other hand had they taken the design just a step or 2 further it could have become quite popular.
    By adding a tongue to the front axle this would have turned that into a pup dolly Then the trailer/truck could have been pulled behind another trailer as in pulling doubles. Once at the delivery location just disconnect and back it up to the dock.. If anyone on here has ever tried to back a pair of pups up to a dock they know it can be an adventure. the easiest way is to disconnect the rear trailer by lowering the landing legs pulling the dolly out from under then p[ull away and disconnect the dolly from the front trailer, then backing it up to the dock drop it then use the tractor to retrieve the dolly back it under the rear trailer again then go hook up to the front trailer pull away and back up to the tongue on the dolly
    There is a faster way with fewer steps if the driver has experience in backing doubles he can simply back the rear trailer to the dock then unhook from the dolly pull away and back the front trailer to the dock.
    But what generally happens is the driver simply pulls on location pulls out from under the front trailer and go to find another pair of trailers to pull. leaving all of the this goes here and that goes there to the yard dog operator.
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    Agree with Frank, pivot steering is a serious problem at anything beyond low city speeds. I get a kick out of the idea and execution though, way cooler than current toy haulers. I'd think a bus chassis, motor home or other conventional front suspension and super-single tires would be a good modern approach.
    Long ago had a chance at two semi's, each had a long chassis, one a Peterbuilt, other was a COE International. Wanted to build a connected motorhome, ala full sleeper.
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    Look at that super comfortable driver station. I’m sure a driver could stay awake for 10-12 hrs. in that beautiful saddle.

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