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Thread: 1950s double-engined Fordson tractor - videos, patent, and photo

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    1950s double-engined Fordson tractor - videos, patent, and photo

    A Doe Triple-D double Fordson tractor. This was originally a 1950s creation by an English farmer and ingenious homemade tool maker named George Pryor. Pryor purchased two Fordson tractors and linked them together, thus creating the world's most powerful tractor, and no doubt earning eternal bragging rights among his farmer buddies.

    Local Fordson dealers Ernest Doe & Son later replicated the build, calling it a Doe Dual Drive, AKA Doe Triple-D.

    About 300 Triple-Ds were built. In the 1960s, tractor companies began developing single-engined tractors with sufficient horsepower.

    2:16 video of a Doe in action:

    3:42 video of a Doe emerging from barn hibernation:

    And I believe I found the US patent for it, #3061029 A, awarded in October 1962. Titled "Coupling mechanism for tractors", it's assigned to Englishman George Pryor Herbert, with drawings labeled "Herbert George Pryor", whom I believe is our same George Pryor.

    Doe Triple D 1962 -
    Patent US3061029 - Coupling mechanism for tractors - Google Patents


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    I believe this was originally designed by Hoyt-Clagwell. But an argument between their wives resulted in the breakup of the company, with Hoyt going into the production of glass grapes, and Clagwell into wax bananas.

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    Twice the power and four wheel drive.
    1950s double-engined Fordson tractor - videos, patent, and photo-hclogo.jpg

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    The farm I grew up on, had both the Major, and 5000 versions.

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