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Thread: 1967 Economac custom van/truck - photos

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    When a lot of people hear 4x4 they imeadiatly think of rugged terrain mud bogging or climbing in the mountains or used primarily for some sport play.
    In the county where I live and dozens of the surrounding counties as much as 90% of the rule county roads are nothing more than graded dirt roads few are even graveled many in the summer when things are dry become loose sand or when it rains they turn to mud. Farms and ranches never have paved or gravel pathways or trails on the properties where the folks need to uses their vehicles to get around hauling or moving things.
    The longer the wheelbase of the vehicle the more useful the 4x4 feature becomes even transporting to and from or on locations at live stock sales or show events will often mean the difference of being able to get around without having to be towed out or damaging the event grounds is why I mentioned having 4 wheel drive would be useful.
    I don't currently have a running 4x4 I have 2 that I am planning on getting running some day so for now to get around on my place I have to rely on using my tractor or UTV neither are 4x4 but their ag lug tires make up for it in part as long as I keep the loads small.
    That old adage of being the first one there in an accident doesn't wash with me since I don't drive up someones behind I may or may not be able to avoid the possibility of being in a crash due to someone coming at me from the opposite direction but the extra 3 or 4 feet sticking out front would do little in the event of 2 vehicles colliding from opposite directions at 70+ MPH anyway.
    the same goes for air bags I don't own cars don't drive cars and for the most part never ride in them.
    I doubt if you could find a single ranch truck in my area with an after market heavy duty bumper that does not have their air bags disabled since they use them to push things around with. who wants to be hit in the face when they hit a deer or a hog?
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    I hear you Frank. I've never used a 4be for sport or play. I live in a semi rural area & NEED to travel an unsealed road to get home or go out. I dont use 4x4 often but for years needed one for access to properties for land regeneration, concreting and other jobs where reasonable clearance was a prerequisite esp carrying a load like concrete blend and/ or towing mulch trailers etc.
    Air bags kill many babies/kids/folk all over the world (esp kids in the US,so I've read, where it is not mandatory to wear a seat belt). Police advised my brother he would have been killed if wearing a belt when he was thrown from a VW beetle that was totalled many years back. The other 2 survivors were also thrown clear & had not been wearing belts. (2 were ejected through doors & one out the rear window/screen). For most accidents, I guess belts & bags are a necessity. We have had so, so many recalls here for faulty bags.
    I really dont like these little efficient plastic cars with multiple air bags & we see every day accidents where folk are maimed or worse while travelling in one. Of course it is mostly a drivers fault.
    A friend was inspecting a Land Rover when the airbags went off after leaning on the bullbar: the service agent had hinged the bar back, after service, but neglected to rebolt it; so it fell forward ( & the bump set off the bags) when the guys foot was placed (during negotations) on the bar. The agent fixed the issue & the sale fell through: of course.

    I walked from a headon (only about 40 odd MPH) & saw that yellow panel van (whose driver lost control & hit me on a windey mountainous rd) in my dreams every night for some months. The heavy box chassis & homemade bull bar is what I believe saved me.


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