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    2016 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Research and Technology Report - PDF + images

    Some picks from the most recent technology report from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. This is NASA's largest research center.

    Full report: 2016 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Research and Technology Report

    Much of this report focuses on 3D printing, extraterrestrial mining and manufacturing, and of course NASA's new darling: Friction Stir Welding.

    Structural Origami Array (SOAR)
    A method for folding solar arrays so that they take up less volume and surface area in a small spacecraft.

    Reminds me of this folding gate GIF:

    Ionic Liquids for Asteroid Mining
    Interesting approach for metal extraction from asteroids.

    3D Recycler
    One of many experiments in this report focused on 3D printing tech (NASA refers to it, admittedly more accurately, as "additive manufacturing").

    Abrasive Water Jet Milling
    A manufacturing process used to form complex coolant channels within various rocket and heating systems.

    In-Space Manufacturing Project
    Part of a broader initiative to prepare for long-duration missions by developing in-space technology for manufacturing parts.

    3D Printing of Electronic Devices
    Combining ink-based printing and laser melting technology to print parts with embedded electronic components.

    Full report: 2016 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Research and Technology Report


    NASA Technical Publication: Can you weld on Mars?
    NASA technical standard document: Crimping, Interconnecting Cables, Harnesses, Wiring
    NASA Tire Assault Vehicle (TAV), made from a German World War II tank model
    NASA fastener design manual
    astronaut loses $100,000 tool bag during spacewalk
    International Space Station tools
    English/metric measurement error in the Mars Climate Orbiter

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