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Thread: 3 String shortbread tin guitar.

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    3 String shortbread tin guitar.

    Hi all, I've posted this in 'Homemade Creations' as that is the category I think best describes it, although it could be considered as a tool - a tool to make music !
    This is the result of my first entry into the world of 3 string cigar box guitars (which come under the generic title of CBG's).
    This one was made from a shortbread tin box and an old 6 string stem I had made for a solid guitar about 50 years ago, but which was rejected at the time due to a crack appearing on the fret board. It didn't improve any in all that time and suffered some indelible water staining due to damp storage.
    However, it was ready made, just needing varnishing and the fret markers to be fitted. Everything was second hand (as is my wont)) and the only 'new' bits I had to make were the stem support rod, the nut, the bridge, and the string retainer.
    The playing demo is NOT to show off my expertise, (which is virtually non- existent) ,but just to let the sound of it be heard. I'm very pleased with the result and it has re-awakened my interest in guitars from all those years ago, so much so, that I've started on a 'proper' dedicated 3 string wooden box guitar which is coming along nicely.

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