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Thread: An Accurate Quick change tool holder

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    An Accurate Quick change tool holder

    To back up my website I have decided to produce Videos to illustrate the projects and processes it contains, starting with my Quick Change Tool Holders. These, being of an unconventional design, there appears to be a reluctance to take it up so have included in the video an explanation of the principles behind the design and carrying out tests to show the level of accuracy it achieves.

    Vertical repeatability tests showed that the tool bit returned to much better than 0.0004 in / 0.01 mm and horizontally not quite so good but still within 0.0004 in.

    I have already produced 22 videos but am only making them public gradually, around one a week.

    The webpages for the QCTH can be viewed here

    Harold Hall

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    Thanks Metaler! We've added your Quick Change Tool Holders to our Machining category,
    as well as to your builder page: Metaler's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Harold, this is an excellent design for use on lathes where tool position repeatably is extremely important such as in instrument making and other tight tolerance machining. By the way, I have been using your books and following your website for years, and wonderful to now see your videos. Thank you for taking the time to post this and your other works. Regards, Paul Jones

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    Indeed. Thanks Harold, I am in total agreement with Paul.
    I have at least 5 of your books and have saved a lot of pages and pictures from your web site.

    Thanks again, John

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    Highly Inspirational Harold!

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