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Thread: Add-on tractor step.

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    Add-on tractor step.

    I posted this in the introduction forum. I think it should have been posted here.

    I would like to build an add-on step for my Massey Ferguson 65 tractor. It has to attach to the existing drivers platform so would need to twist 90 degrees to position the step. Any suggestions?

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    Seems like maybe a picture or two of the tractor and what you hope to accomplish might help those who aren't familiar with the tractor by number (myself included).

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    I'm familiar with the tractor model just no sure of where or what purpose the step would be for .unless it might because of a personal mobility issue in which case I could fully understand the why.This would mean to me then if the step were mounted on either side they would have to be mounted towards the center or rearward of the running board to make it a one- two step up swing your leg over and sit down.
    if so then the step in question could almost be like a stirrup swivel mounted under the running board.
    Right foot in the stirrup left foot on the running board, swing the right foot over and sit down opposite for the other side.
    Add-on tractor step.-734-td4-b01-ext315.jpg
    Add-on tractor step.-8357453970_71d9ffaaae_b.jpg

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