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    Additional Support for Lathe Halogen Work Light

    I bought an inexpensive lathe halogen work light on eBay and wanted to mount the light base near the headstock. A good location was mounting the work light bracket on the electrical box near the headstock. The only problem was the sheet metal of the electrical box was too thin to support the weight. I used a 1/4" thick aluminum plate with four threaded 1/4-20 holes as a backing to support the weight. The plate is inside the electrical box and provides plenty of support needed for adjusting the light arms.

    Additional Support for Lathe Halogen Work Light-lathe-work-halogen-light-mounted-lathe-electrical-box.jpgAdditional Support for Lathe Halogen Work Light-light-mounting-bolts-supported-inside-aluminum-plate.jpgAdditional Support for Lathe Halogen Work Light-light-mounting-tapped-holes-0.25-inch-aluminum-plate.jpgAdditional Support for Lathe Halogen Work Light-light-mounting-holes-lathe-electrical-box.jpg

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