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    Air powered pneumatic can crusher

    I've been wanting to build this for a while now, not that its efficient in any way, just something neat to build in the winter months. So far the build has been cheap, but I plan on adding a hopper and a can ejector, as I want this to hang on the wall in the garage and not take up any space.

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    Great video.
    like you say great fun item to have in the shop and build in the winter. There is only problem I can see. I would end up drinking way too much Pepsi or even worse beer, just so I could play with the crusher on the wall.
    Please remember there are other well-known brands of soft drinks that could be used within this crusher.
    Thanks again
    The Home Engineer

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    Thanks ibdilbert! We've added your Pneumatic Can Crusher to our Miscellaneous category,
    as well as to your builder page: ibdilbert's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Nice work!

    I think, for safety's sake, after you've had a few brews, you might want to have a two-valve setup so you have to have both hands away from the crusher. Maybe a feed chute too to keep the hands away from the compartment.

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    Great project! Hope to do one of my one one of these days! I think we need a video of it crushing a full can! Maybe whipped cream or shaving cream eve!!!

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    Great novelty but the big drawback for me is that beer is the only fizzy thing I drink and never around machinery also being pneumatic it needs air which means the compressor running and beer is for quiet time and conversation.
    A friend of mine has one that is wall mounted with an attached bottle opener. To use you place can in appropriate area and step on a pedal. when pedal is released can is flicked sideways through a cut-out into chute to a bin by a cam triggered spring loaded lever which re-cocks as pedal reaches top of stroke.
    Amazing fun to use and far harder to describe than to see how works. I'd take some photos but he is in South Island so bit far to go.

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    My uncle would have loved this . Thanks

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    cool I really like it. I recycle cans but will still use my boot as there is always some fluid left inside and I dont have that many to warrent making one. I will say that currently I have about two sulo bins full of squashed cans=time to go to the recyclers. When trying to give up beer I was drinking soft drink & my GP & specialist told me not to, as that s..t would kill me. LOL.

    A bit of trivia=About 30 years ago a local couple of bushies reportably died from drinking (one soft drink mixed alcohol & one beer) from cans poisoned by rat urine on top of cans. Never heard of any others so maybe a "old mans tail"

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