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    Yup I've been going nuts buying corded drills at garage sales for $3 a pop. They're good around to shop to power homemade gadgets. It is a motor with a gearbox and a chuck. Some I even use as drills. You still can't beat a corded drill for power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Weldon View Post
    Frank S - Your story prompts mine. In recent years everyone is giving up on corded drills and going over to cordless. So perfectly good corded drills sell for next to nothing at estate and garage sales. Often at the next garage sale or flea market space there will be a complete cordless set with aged out batteries for which there are no usable replacements available at any price. Worthless, but there maybe a $30-$40 price tag on it. Go figure.....
    Some time back I bought a good sized inverter to use in my truck for various stuff I use on long camping trips. When confronted later with a $5 used 1/4" corded drill I realized the inverter would drive it. It sits behind the seat of my truck with a bag of common resharpened drills. It's been useful more than once. One of these days I'll add some hex bits and wood spade drills to the bag. 5/8 spade drill is easy to resharpen and can drill a hole in a piece of wood for an emergency repair big enough to pass a rope through.
    I've never been much of a fan of the battery powered so called power tools. Even though I have owned my share of them. They're good for the first few months of use as long as you use them regularly, but accidentally store one just partially discharged once and you might as well huck it in the rubbish bin. or cut it open, make it corded connected to a DC power supply
    A mechanic friend brought over his brand new $1,800.00 IngersolRand impact wrench to demonstrate how powerful it was. I told him yep it is the most powerful 1/2" drive impact I've ever seen, since even most 3/4" pneumatic impacts cannot break loose Budd wheel lug nuts however come back in 6 months and show me how much you still love it.
    As long as I have the engine running the inverter in my 85 SR5 will power just about every power tool I have except for my 9" Ingersol Rand angle grinder I don't worry with my 93 F350 since I have a Miller Bobcat 225 in it with its 8500 watt generator

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