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Thread: Aluminum and log tables - photos

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    Aluminum and log tables - photos

    Aluminum and log tables. I was a little skeptical until I saw the last photo; for me it rounds out the cultural aesthetic, and communicates that the builder "gets it".


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    Reminds me of an old mathematician/computer nerd joke...

    The flood is over and Noah is releasing the animals to go forth and multiply. But, to his dismay, he notices that the puff adders aren't "getting it on" so to speak. He asks his son if he has any suggestions.

    "Sure, Pop", he says and throws the reluctant serpents onto the log dining table, whereupon they begin doing it with gusto.

    "How did you know to do that, son?"

    "Ah, Pop, everybody knows that even adders can multiply on a log table."
    Regards, Marv

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    I like the tables tho! I'd like to see his process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD62 View Post
    I like the tables tho! I'd like to see his process.
    Yes very interested if anybody has links. I have to wonder if the wood is treated in some manner to prevent too much burn. Just for strength, so you aren't relying upon the wood to metal bond I'd add a bit of a frame to the design. Unfortunately I won't be trying this anytime soon as it looks like a lot of metal to pour.

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