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Thread: Antique hand-cranked grinding stone - GIF

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    Antique hand-cranked grinding stone - GIF

    Antique hand-cranked grinding stone.


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    I have seen many, ranging from about 10 cms (4") to 1 metre in diameter, when I was a kid: but only ever remember one that was a water stone. My dad had a portable, clamp on the bench type: it had a rest for the chisel, axe or knife etc. Playing with it I discovered that it was not as easy to turn with one hand while controlling the bladed implement with the other. I hardly ever see or hear about any, these days but did see a wooden framed (extremely heavy) large one at a second hand dealer a year ot so back : It had a good quality (hardly used) stone about 15 cm wide and about 90 cm diameter. I almost bought it but thought about storage & usage so was a no go for me.

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    Our neighbor around the bend had about a 30" treadle type in the front yard for years...tried to buy it once but wouldn't sell. Now it's gone. Something classy about these types to me.

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