Many years ago, I saw a garage door a man made from 24-inch x 70-inch solid core doors. I think they started out as larger 30-inch x 72-inch doors. His rough opening was about 6 feet x 7 feet, same as mine. He used old small round garden tractor weights on a rope and pulleys to help balance the door's weight to make it easy to open and close. His hardware was basic garage door rollers, track, and hinges. With the cost of a basic 6 x 7 garage door in my area starting out at $400 and going up for an "install it yourself kit". I'd like to find a different way of doing it. I thought about double doors but they're to easy to break into, as would be a single door. I'm not a fan of big single flip-up doors, or hanger style double fold up doors. However, double fold up doors does act as a bit of a sunshade and as a rain block. But they reduce overhead clearances. A slider won't seal well. I'd like some heat in the deep winter as if we really get deep winters here. Well, we did this winter with a low of 5*F. It rarely get's below freezing for more than a day or two here. We spent a couple weeks there or longer.

I've searched the internets and all I have found is info on DIY sliders, double/single doors, and a couple double fold up hangar-style doors. Anyone have DIY info on good ole roll up doors? I've been watching Craig's List for doors and hardware.