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Thread: Apollo astronaut survivalist kit and training - photos

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    Apollo astronaut survivalist kit and training - photos

    Survival kit for Apollo astronauts.

    Here we have Frank Borman, Neil Armstrong, John Young and Deke Slayton during desert survival training in Nevada, sporting a lovely wardrobe made of parachute cloth.

    And a group shot. Not exactly sure that this same photographic theme might be chosen if such a snapshot were taken today.

    Astronauts eat some food caught in the jungle during survival training in Panama.


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    I suppose this training was required in the event of the Apollo command module splashing down off course. Otherwise it would almost be hard to imagine why a kit such as this would be included in the mission critical equipment list.
    Except I seem to remember reading something about the Apollo 13 mission utilizing articles found in the kit which enabled them to construct a rudimentary CO2 scrubber
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    Parachutes: one of the most versatile survival tools ever. Remember when Dad went to Stead for survival training before VN and him not getting why they were going to the frozen forests but when he got back it made sense...wasn't about the terrain but the ingenuity and will...when put in a 4' black box after 6 days in the wild with what he had in his flight suit, eating lizards, a chipmunk and a few berries with Miner’s Lettuce.

    Some of the goodies in the Apollo kit seem to be pretty heavy and bulky (AL cans) and not sure why the machete, but a big blade can do many things and why brass zippers(¿).

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