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Thread: Automatic car cover - GIF, video, and photo

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    Automatic car cover - GIF, video, and photo

    Automatic car cover. I'm pretty sure this is real, and not just a great joke.

    1:06 video:

    A gem of a description, at BaselTek.com:

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    OK, cool, but really want to impress me, have it deploy automatically and cover the car.

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    Car covers, upgrades? Lol, reminds me of a favorite retail prank."Retail Prank?" you ask, well of course. I still had to eat awaiting first machine shop gig. Gather 'round.
    Automatic car cover - GIF, video, and photo-one-ive-heard-before....jpg
    Long ago in a land far far away [City of Cypress, California, mid 70's] I worked at Chief Auto Supply. No computers or electronic inventory, just big catalog racks on the sales counter. Truly a wealth of information, it's no joke, I was familiar with every page. Also a great 'stage' for tomfoolery, a practice in which I'd engage IF appropriate but at random. Practical jokes are best when there are few [if any] insiders. It was never an issue, we were always a top performing store.

    First off, need a gullible customer. An attractive young lady came in looking for a car cover...
    For what make and model car? "Datsun 510"
    What year? [At the time, covers were sold by size S/M/L, compacts of course were small, but how fun is that?] "1971"
    So, demonstrating infinite command of detail, I flip through a few pages and back...
    Ahaa here we go, there are fabric and color choices! You park outside? "Yes" OK, weatherproof, and those come with a locking cable.
    Here's a deluxe model too...called the Belmont Shore [very upscale region of Long Beach, nearby, with it's own bay, full of canals, distinct homes, and yachts].
    "Deluxe?" Yes, one of the new inflatable variety, lots of Belmont people buy them...
    "Why they inflatable?" Well, say you just have an ordinary car, put it on and inflate. Small car covers are shaped like Corvette or Porsche. Take your pick!
    "Really, I love Corvettes?"

    Did another time; insuring roomy, safe on street parking, It supposedly inflated as a Lincoln Continental Mk III. They are 216.1 in (5,489 mm) long.

    and the photo? I work best with an audience. Spirit hopped on the chair; motivation unknown.
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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Thanks TM51, fun story. I remember Chiefs and of course the long rows of catalog racks! A good parts guy is worth his weight in gold, especially with a sense of humor! Is that a reverse engineered alien technology unit behind Spirit? Reminds me of Smokey a German Shepard/Husky I had as a kid.

    As for retractable car covers, interesting idea but doesn't appear to be theft resistant and I would bet the price tag is well above $200. But hey the guy appears to be in Japan and has parking place for his Beemer, right! I'm with Will52100 it needs to deploy and cover as well.

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