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Thread: Bandsaw silver soldering fixture

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    Propane is fine to use for silver soldering. I use a Sievert torch for silver soldering and the size of nozzle can be changed to suit the application being under taken. However, Mapp gas is the way I solder the blades purely for convenience, as it is a hand held torch with no hoses.
    I will try to do the video this weekend and post.
    There are several grades of silver solder and the main difference is silver content, which alters the temperature and price. I use what was, called easy flo, (which I think? is known as 455 now) which has a melting point of 630-660 degree C. This is classed as low temperature silver soldering and the flux I use is the high temperature HT5 Flux Powder. This means I only have to buy one flux, which covers all the materials I will be soldering in my shop.
    Hope this helps
    The Home Engineer

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