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Thread: Belt Sander

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    Belt Sander

    Belt Sander:
    - Belt size - 6" x 48"
    - Belt speed - 1260 ft/min
    - Motor size - 3/4 hp
    - Motor speed - 3460 rpm
    - Roller spacing - 20" nominal

    Belt Sander-sander-front.jpg

    Belt Sander-sander-back.jpg

    Sanding Belt tension and tracking adjustment
    Belt Sander-sander-belt-adj.jpg

    I made this belt sander from an 8" bench-top grinder from Harbor Freight. With a 20% off coupon, it only cost me $40, which is a lot less than I would have paid for just a 3/4 hp motor on its own. The first parameter that must be established is the belt speed that you want. I settled on something around 1200 to 1300 feet per minute. The motor speed of 3450 rpm dictated a reduction between the motor and the Drive Roller in order to have a practical roller diameter. I reduced the Drive Roller speed by 1.9:1 down to 1816 rpm. A roller diameter of 66 mm (2.6") gave me a belt speed of 1260 ft/min. Belt rollers were made from 9 layers of Baltic birch plywood. I crowned the rollers in the middle by .060" to help the belt tracking. I tried to keep everything simple with the sanding belt tension and tracking adjustment, as shown in the picture.

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    Thanks markfitz! We've added your Belt Sander to our Grinding category,
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    Very Good markfitz
    anything is better than harbor freight, I'm sure it will last too

    Comments are always welcome

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    Very good work looks like it will last a long time. I had to adjust my belt sander today went off 90* now its back. Cap . Be a friend just ask.

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