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Thread: Bench Drill Tapping Attachment

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    Bench Drill Tapping Attachment

    At some point I got tired of misaligned threads and broken taps and started to search for a suitable tapping stand design. At the same time I am also fully aware that the free space in my garage is starting to get limited.

    Then I got the idea to make a tapping attachment to my bench drill that could be permanently fitted to the bench drill always ready for use and not requiring any additional storage space. The attachment is clamped onto the bench drill pillar above the ring that guides the table height adjustment rack-and-pinion.

    Bench Drill Tapping Attachment-img_1887.jpg

    The center of the drill chuck and the thread tap chuck are at the same distance from the center of the bench drill pillar so after drilling you can just swing over the drill table to the tapping attachment.

    Bench Drill Tapping Attachment-img_1885.jpg Bench Drill Tapping Attachment-img_1886.jpg

    I made the whole attachment from scrap metal and only bought a used Röhm chuck for 5 euros. Below a picture of the parts before assembly. The handle bar can be slided in the mounting hole to increase torque for bigger threads. It has a spring loaded plunger to keep it in the set position.

    Bench Drill Tapping Attachment-img_1883.jpg Bench Drill Tapping Attachment-img_1884.jpg

    The tapping attachment was simple to make and gives a much better control of the thread tapping process.

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    Great idea. Nice work. The swing of the tapping arm is the same as the press swing insuring the tapping arm will align with the drilled hole. Nice!

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    Thanks ruxu! We've added your Bench Drill Tapping Attachment to our Tapping and Threading category,
    as well as to your builder page: ruxu's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That is a great idea and design. I do a lot of my taping at the drill press. Thank you for posting this.

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