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Thread: Bending Strap to Angles Greater than 90

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    Quote Originally Posted by mklotz View Post
    I was wondering when someone would raise the issue of springback.
    I suspect most of us have been exposed to it. It is nice to be able to start out with a mathematically correct setup.
    Of course, a little experimentation will quickly reveal how much greater the bend angle must be to result in the desired final angle after springback.
    While upsetting to the precision machinist out there, problems like the accuracy of a sheetmetal bend are often solved in the field with a crescent wrench, hammer or other suitable tool. Sometimes the sheet metal is just bolted up tight or riveted in place. The fastening effectively drawing everything up.

    In an ideal world perfect bends and perfect hole locations are the avenue to happiness. At least with sheet metal there seems to be a constant need to field adjust things.
    I've never yet encountered a situation where the bend angle had to be better than the usual TLAR standard.
    I'm not sure what TLAR is. All I know is that by the time sheetmetal parts get from the parts room to the place of use there is always a bit of fit up involved. Even if that fit up just involves a little pushing, shoving or twisting of the sheetmetal into place. I suppose sheetmetal work could be done to a high degree of precision as I often see such in things like office equipment and small instrumentation, but it is seldom the case for things I deal with.

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    Thanks for the great tip !

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