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Thread: Boring Bar Tool Post for Sherline Lathe

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    Boring Bar Tool Post for Sherline Lathe

    Working on my tooling for the new shop and you always need a slick way to hold a boring bar. I had a set of vintage Clark Boring bars and thought they would be great on this small lathe for model work. After checking out the Sherline web site I found what I was looking for and proceeded to the shop to make them. I like the rocker tool post for the Sherline. It allows easy and quick (almost QCTP quick) change out of your cutting tools and the boring tool holders do the same. I made two. One for 3/8" bars with a 1/4" sleeve so I could also fit in the 1/4" Clark. Made another one that was for the 3/16" clark.

    You will see some unused holes where I had the idea to make one holder with two different holes for holding the bars but it was drilled oversize so I abandoned that idea and ended up with the bushing. The idea would work if the boring bar hole was drilled and reamed the correct size!

    Maybe I will build a new one later with the two bar capability.

    For these tool posts I did not use the Sherline extended T-nut, just used the standard one and I don't see why it won't do a good job.

    Cheers, JR
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    Looks good, they'll work just fine
    Comments are always welcome

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