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Our old duck coop has seen better days, and after many years of use, itís time to build a new one. The old coop was originally built for egg laying chickens, then later modified for housing meat chickens. As new coops were designed and built (larger) our flocks increased in numbers, the old coop was once again modified to house our ducks which were raised for duck egg production.

The old duck coop is now so old, itís falling apart, and we have reduced the number of ducks we have. Time for a new one!
The new duck coop has been designed smaller in size: 3í x 6í or 18 square feet, which has ample room for our 3 ducks that we now keep as pets. The new design features a ďporchĒ area and a closed in area for shelter from heavy weather. The floor of the coop is concrete, and there are doors that open the coop on both sides to allow for easy cleaning and access. The metal roof is designed to allow our heavy snow loads to slide off, away from the opening doors. The new coop is also situated closer to our duck pond, and nestled between some trees for additional protection from the weather.

I drew basic plans for the new coop in CAD to use as a guide while building the new coop and have made these available FREE (in pdf file format). Instructions on how to download them are given in the description section below each video on my Youtube channel.

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