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Thread: building my english wheel

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    building my english wheel

    so i want to build me an english wheel most of you build it from square tubing , but i have some beams from pallet racks they can withstand about 1,5 tonn pressur without failing . i was thinking of making my ewheel from that , the beams look like this >--< but the triangles are closed in both enda . it is made of 4mm thick steel the idea is to make two identical c shapes weld them upp so i have 8x3 inch do you think it wil work as a 30 inch throat e wheel .

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    you need to weld two of the >---< side by side so you could get a box section tube .

    this will make an immensly strong up right,you could then have the right angle to form your throat section in the same manner. What you need to achieve is a frame which wont twist under load. With wheeling machines,the heaviest is always the best.

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