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Thread: A bumper for my old Ford

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    A bumper for my old Ford

    The tail lights went out on my 93 F350 crew-cab diesel pickup.
    Never one to let a crisis go to waste LOL, I decided that since I had the crappy factory dealership bumper off in order to repair the wiring that a previous owner had cobbled up[ I might as well make a new bumper for the old beast. Digging around in my supply of usable scrap I spied a nice suitable piece of square tubing that I figured should do nicely for a replacement bumper.
    A bumper for my old Ford-dscf7160c.jpg
    A bumper for my old Ford-dscf7161c.jpg
    A bumper for my old Ford-dscf7162c.jpg
    A bumper for my old Ford-dscf7164c.jpg
    A bumper for my old Ford-dscf7171c.jpg

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