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Thread: C Clamp missing swivel jaw

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    C Clamp missing swivel jaw

    C Clamp missing the swivel jaw

    Repair Method:

    1. Scrap piece of Supawood
    2. Cut disk out - Hole cutter diameter approx 25-35mm
    3. Fix disk onto ball with washer
    4. Tighten clamp to secure disk
    5. Check ball does not protrude threw disk
    6. Removing disk for replacement

    C Clamp missing swivel jaw-g-clamp-swivel-replacement-b.jpg

    Best cut disk out of Supawood - prevents cracking
    Supawood Thickness
    Ensure supawood is thicker than ball joint to ensure ball does not protrude threw disk.
    Washer is to keep disk in position
    Washer must not pass peyond ball taper
    A drop or two Linceed Oil in disk hole - best before fastening to ball
    Fasten disk on ball
    Tighten clamp to force ball into disk hole to form a tight fit.
    To remove disk
    Loosen clamp completely or until disk pops off.

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