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Thread: Can Opener 2.0

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    Not to what NYPD and FDNY told you but I believe their analogy may have been slightly off or more accurately incomplete. While the explosive source was in all probability a hairspray can or possibly multiples there of. It was unlikely the can was empty or near empty also the incinerator door was probably improperly latched or the locking mechanism was faulty, other wise the blast force should have been contained. That being said it is true older elevator doors were quite easily dislodged especially when the track and rollers became worn from years of use and many apt buildings did not have separate freight elevators to serve utility basements which would have had more robust doors
    the propellant in hair spray cans used to contain propane quite volatile, a full can depending on size could equal a 1/4 stick of dynamite in explosive force.
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    In the mid 60's the whole family, except me, were awakened by some bomb in our house in sleepy Brisbane. Upon their carefull investigating and the damagewas in the kitchen: the family discovered glass all over the place & cupboards doors blowen off hinges. Long before the european 32mm system became "the normal" here. Apparently one or more of my home made ginger beer bottles exploded and set all the others (many dozens) off at the same time. three bottles did not explode & they were promptly covered & removed to our green house.The burgeoning teen was not popular.:-(. glad terrorists haven't discovered ginger beer!

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    Hi, I agree that there were more then likely multiple cans that caused the blast but I neglected to add that the door to the incinerator room was blown from the hinges and beyond repair. Luckly it happened late at night and no one was hurt because the basement car call is on a timer and will not go to the basement until 7 am. Thanks for reply, Charlie.

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