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Thread: Chamfering Machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post
    All this has me wondering if adding a flinger to the vertically mounted arrangement would do enough to keep the swarf away from the open windings.
    I'm not sure if you clicked on the link I provided in earlier post but there is an example of Stefan's chamfering machine setup, a die grinder in vertical mode. Here it is again
    Chamfering machine

    He milled a port in the side of the body & that's where chips stream out. I think I recall in one of his YouTube videos showing it in action & he may have it manifolded to a vacuum, I cant recall. Its a torrent of chips.

    Just to be clear, I don't think die grinders are 'as' susceptible to chips in the motor windings. The vents are well back & smaller & its (somewhat) made for duty like this. Anyway on my tool, its very well protected & chips drop into a natural made cavity. The reference I was making was my first attempt - an inverted router. Routers breath differently to die grinders because a) they are intended for wood so sawdust isn't as problematic and b) mostly cut bit down & cooling fan blows out. Basically a good portion of the motor is open vents. Even when the bit points up like in a router table setup, there is usually a collet or similar closure. Anyway I viewed a metal shaving environment as more hostile to motor windings to a router.
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    petertha, Ok I am hooked I am going to make one this month after I get the solid rod aluminum.
    My congrats for a well thought out build, many a time when I am using my belt sander to do the edges,
    I wish I had a device as you have built good job...Cap..
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    This is a very nice concept for a chamfering machine. It is similar to a machine (Burr Beaver) we had years ago in the shop. We used it to chamfer steel mold plates. Your version is well designed and executed and it is portable.

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