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Thread: Chisel Sharpening Guide

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    Chisel Sharpening Guide

    This was built so that I could accurately and repeatably grind woodworking chisels, it had to be easy to setup, inexpensive and adjustable w/o a masters degree.

    After playing around with some wood scraps , I came across a 5.5 x2.5 inch l bracket, galvanized steel.
    I drilled a couple of holes near the end of the long end of the bracket and by using a small scrap of hardwood with matching holes, 2 bolts and wing nuts this became means to secure the chisel in place on the bracket.

    On the end of the short section of the L bracket, a short section of cutting board with a saw kerf was placed on the end using the kerf as means to alter the angle of the jig.

    The jig is very easy to setup and adjustments can be made very easily. I was going to utilize 1/4 inch glass plate or granite covered with sandpaper for the grinding surface. In order to make angle adjustments , one only has to either deepen the kerf in the plastic or cut a new piece which is taller, both provide a easy way to to make adjustments and tailor the jig to multiple chisel angles. I have not tried this jig on plane irons as the jig can only handle a chisel of about 1 inch.

    This can built in 10 or 15 minutes, a buck or so for the bracket.

    EnjoyChisel Sharpening Guide-img_5760.jpgChisel Sharpening Guide-img_5752.jpg,Chisel Sharpening Guide-img_5762.jpg

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