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Thread: Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud

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    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud

    My late 1940's Clausing model 111 mk3 lathe came with no gear train shroud, and my brother kept after me on the dangers of running it with those open gears spinning away. Finally, I decided something needed to be done. My first step was to make a wireframe full sized model just so I could get the feel for the curves and perhaps some insight on how to go about making one from scratch. I wanted to make the entire shroud out of at least 1/8" steel. The wireframe also helped me with clearances on gears and the sliding gear. I had no drawing, so I depended on images I found via Google. The wireframe will be tossed when I'm done with this little project.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud1.jpg

    Next, I formed an outer frame from 1/4" CRS, striving to make it fit as
    close to the online images I'd downloaded.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud2.jpg

    Now it was time to start bending and tack welding the sides. The upper strip
    is 2" wide, and the lower is 4" wide, all from 1/8" thick steel.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud3.jpg

    By making a form about 3/4" oversized from the pattern I now had, I began
    making 1/16" slits about 1/4" apart around the periphery, and bending them into
    shape with pick hammer and visegrip pliers. I did not have a large enough sheet of 1/8" plate to do the entire form in this area, so I was forced to patch it together in pieces.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud4.jpg

    You can now see where this is going. Probably WAY too much effort going into
    this, but I wanted it to look nice and be stout. I did consider making it out
    of fiberglass, but gave up on that.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud5.jpg

    Below, shown with the mounting tabs welded on and the upper part formed and
    rough sanded with a #60 flap disc. I stopped long enough to make the steel
    ring insert for the spindle access hole.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud6.jpg

    Now I was ready to make the end plate. Same process, but it went a little
    easier since it was so straight forward.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud7.jpg

    Below, after about an hour of TIG welding.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud8.jpg

    After cutting another large holes and some final grinding and sanding, I
    gave it a very thin coat of bondo and did some final sanding.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud9.jpg

    Next I put down a couple of coats of high solids primer and shot it with a
    light coat of white to help spot trouble areas before final painting.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud10.jpg

    I used a high speed handheld grinder with a carbide burr to remove evidence
    of welding burn through areas, and shot a coat of auto undercoating on the
    inside. Not that it will help with the noise, but it does make it look a little

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud11.jpg

    Finally, a final coat of paint. Color not matched very closely, so I may try
    to darken up the enamel a little with some black myself.

    Clausing Model 111 lathe gear train shroud-shroud12.jpg

    Obviously not an exact duplicate of the original, but fairly close. Most photos I see show another smaller (1"?) hole in back of the sliding gear, towards the headstock, but they don't appear to line up with the upper mounting stud on the quadrant, of any of the gears, so I'm not going to drill that one in.

    Dan L

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    Exact or not Dan, it certainly looks like it belongs to the lathe. Excellent work and a worthwhile project for a worthwhile tool.

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    I applaud your insights, ingenuity, craftsmanship and gumption to build this remarkable cover!! Like C-Bag says "It certainly looks like it belongs to the Lathe"...and surely it does because of the heart and soul you put into it! Thank you for sharing this great build with us. My Hat is Off to you! ~PJ
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    Don't beat yourself up on it not being an exact match. Like C-bag and PJs have stated and I concur as well It defiantly looks like it belongs. Great job.
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
    When I have to paint I use

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    Hi Dan
    I cant add much to previous comments but to agree with them, you have made a beautiful job of it and your wire frame jig is to me a piece of art. I think I would have made a hanging flower basket from it.
    You are obviously a perfectionist.
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    Thanks DanLins! We've added your Lathe Gear Shroud to our Lathe Accessories category,
    as well as to your builder page: DanLins's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Hi Dan
    That's a good looking job you did there, that was a great idea with the wire frame, came out beautiful, I have a clausing lathe myself the model number is 6913 variable speed, they are great lathes.

    Again Fine Job


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    A really professional job! Well done!

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    What an amazing job! It is so smooth (as per finished photos) that at first I thought it was made from fiberglass or 3D printing. I love the craftsmanship you displayed in forming the rounded contours on the metal. Not an easy job to be sure, but well worth it in terms of finished product and job satisfaction.

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    WOW!! I need to do something similar (actually at least twice). I hope I can do half the job you did.


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