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Thread: cleaning up some mushrooms

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    cleaning up some mushrooms

    Decided it was time to clean up some mushrooms on the ends of a couple of prybars. I was going to simply grind them down but then I thought why not use my new portable bandsaw and take advantage of the new stand I made and just cut them off.

    This is a photo of the first mushroom cap cut off

    cleaning up some mushrooms-smallmushroom.jpg

    The bottom side of the cut

    cleaning up some mushrooms-smallmushroom2.jpg

    Then I went after the second mushroom cap and cut it off

    cleaning up some mushrooms-bigmushroom.jpg

    The bottom side of the cut ,,,,YIKES!

    cleaning up some mushrooms-bigmushroom2.jpg

    That crack was a big mess so I took off another slice which just broke apart during the cut

    cleaning up some mushrooms-bigmushroom3.jpg

    I wanted to get to the bottom of this so I took off another slice

    cleaning up some mushrooms-bigmushroom4.jpg

    ...and another

    cleaning up some mushrooms-bigmushroom5.jpg

    ..and one more to be sure

    cleaning up some mushrooms-bigmushroom6.jpg

    Finally, no more cracks. But it was an interesting lesson and I'm glad I decided to cut off the caps instead of grinding them down.

    Here's a summary comparison

    cleaning up some mushrooms-bigmushroom7.jpg

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    That is quite revealing. It wouldn't surprise a metallurgist, but few of us think of fatigue at a microscopic level - let alone visually. Grinding or sanding definitely hides many irregularities; samples are lapped and polished before examination.

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