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Thread: CO2 Laser Position Indicator, LED Ring design

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    CO2 Laser Position Indicator, LED Ring design

    This is a bracket used to hold a ring of LEDs used to produce a visual indication of the position of a CO2 laser focusing lens. The design allows for simultaneous use of the position indicator LED ring and the laser. The position indicator is constructed from an old LED flashlight, magnet from a microwave oven (magnatron), an old cell phone charger and a 3D printed bracket.

    CO2 Laser Position Indicator, LED Ring design-led_bracket.jpg

    CO2 Laser Position Indicator, LED Ring design-led_bracket_installed_02.jpg

    CO2 Laser Position Indicator, LED Ring design-led_alignment.jpg

    Here is a YouTube video of this item in action:

    The 3D printed part design is available on Thingiverse:

    This item was heavily influenced/inspired by a YouTube video by Peter Jensen. His video (linked below) shows a 4 LED version with a few more bells and whistles. He even offers a kit version (at the end of the video linked below an e-mail address is provided).

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    Thanks scorch! We've added your Laser Position Indicator to our Measuring and Marking category,
    as well as to your builder page: scorch's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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