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Thread: Color your Pozis bronze

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    In post #12 above I referred to a mini chuck with 1/4" hex shank that was available from Amazon.

    I convinced myself that I "needed" one of these and it arrived from China today.

    Since I mentioned it, I thought it was worthwhile writing a small follow-up evaluation for future readers who might consider buying one.

    The chuck is all steel and nicely made. The chuck and the threaded shaft on which it's mounted look extremely similar to the chuck and nose thread of a Dremel tool but they are not the same.

    The hex shaft measures 0.2475 and fits nicely into my electric screwdrivers.

    The Amazon page says the chuck capacity is 0.3 to 3.2 mm but, as is obvious from the picture above, it can accept the 4 mm hex that is a standard for miniature screwdriver bits.

    This means I can use these miniature bits in the electric screwdriver. Give the torque available from the latter, I never use it to seat the screw. It's used to extract long miniature screws or run them in to near seating after which final tightening is done with a handheld driver.

    Given the 1/4" shank, there are probably other uses for this tool.

    Since I wrote the above, Wiha has come out with a 1/4" to 4mm adaptor...

    While much more compact, the chuck has the advantage of accepting a range of sizes.

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