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Thread: Cooking in volcanic hot spring vents - GIF

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    Cooking in volcanic hot spring vents - GIF

    Cooking eggs and seafood in volcanic hot spring vents.


    Cooking a steak with lava - GIF
    Cooking fish with molten glass - GIF
    Mesmerizing water wheel-driven riverside BBQ rotisserie

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    When we were in the Canary Islands we ate at a restaurant at the top of a cinder pile. The ground was warm to walk on and they had some demonstration pits dug a couple of meters deep. Toss in dry branches and POOF, instant fire. Pour water into a pipe sunk into the ground and you have a geyser.

    Dinner was cooked over what looked like a water well, round stone wall surrounding a deep pit. The air coming up was hot enough to nicely cook the beef, chicken, and fish they served.

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