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Thread: Cross dowel jig

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    Cross dowel jig

    Cross dowel joints represent an easy, strong and practical way to assembly wood pieces, especially when knockdown joints are required.

    There are commercial jigs for drilling the required holes (Cross Dowel Drill Jig). This jig allows drilling the holes for the barrel nut and bolt in perfect alignment.

    Here I show my homemade version. It was made in june-2011, with 1/2” MDF, with aluminum (ID 1/4”) and bronze (ID 13/32”) guide bushings.

    Cross dowel jig-1.jpg

    Cross dowel jig-2.jpg

    Cross dowel jig-3.jpg


    1- Mark the centerline where the cross dowel joint will be located (both pieces). These lines will serve to align the lines in the jig.

    2- Part A (inner): drill a 1/4" end hole for the bolt.

    Cross dowel jig-4.jpg

    3- Part A (inner): drill a 13/32" face hole for the barrel nut. The center of this hole can be at 3/4" or 1-1/4" from the edge of the piece.

    Cross dowel jig-5.jpg

    4- Part B (outside): drill a 1/4" hole for the bolt.

    Cross dowel jig-6.jpg

    5- The joint is ready to assemble.

    Cross dowel jig-7.jpg

    Cross dowel jig-8.jpg

    Regards, morsa.

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