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    Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine

    When fitting out our kitchen with new cupboards, I managed to purchase a Blum Mini Press (hinge drilling machine) like this at a very good price.

    I needed to locate this in the workshop that was already “fully” occupied by a large panel saw. To do this I made a wall mounted bench arrangement – as shown in the photos. The bench had to be mounted higher than a normal bench to allow the outrigger of the panel saw (supporting a 2400mm x 1200mm – 8’x4’) board.

    The end result provided what I needed.

    I used skein nuts…

    Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-skein-nut.png

    … grub screws and socket head cap screws to mount the bench tops. These allowed me to adjust the height and align the whole bench top. This was required as the heights of the machine and its table and its relation to the bench tops varied. I could have used assorted packing to set the heights but I thought this was easier to install and provided infinite adjustment for any possible change in the bench top in the future.

    Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-blum-hinge-drilling-bench-0002.jpg Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-blum-hinge-drilling-bench-0003.jpg Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-blum-hinge-drilling-bench-0004.jpg

    Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-blum-hinge-drilling-bench-0006.jpg

    Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-blum-hinge-drilling-bench-0007.jpg

    You can see the holes here for the cap screw and the grub screw. There is a washer underneath the head of the cap screw. The grub screw is accessible/adjustable from a small hole in the top of the bench. This is a diagram showing the mounting method...

    Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-diagram-skein-grub-cap-screws.jpg

    Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-blum-hinge-drilling-bench-0008.jpg Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-blum-hinge-drilling-bench-0010.jpg Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-blum-hinge-drilling-bench-0011.jpg

    The principle of this method is to use a cap screw, screwed into a threaded hole in the metal frame of the bench, to tighten down the bench top to the frame. The height of the bench top is controlled by adjusting the protrusion of the grub screw through the skein nut. This grub screw rests/presses on the metal frame.

    So, the grub screw is adjusted to set the bench height and then the cap screw tightens and clamps/holds the top in place, at the required height.

    Completed with overhead cupboards installed...

    Custom bench for BLUM Hinge drilling machine-20171105_123939.jpg

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