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Thread: D shackle nut vibrates off of bolt - video

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    I have always owned heavy duty pickups and almost to a single truck I did my own towing mods to them. adding extra leafs to the rear springs installing larger brakes locating heavy tools or equipment as far forward of the rear ale as possible plating and even boxing the frame if need be for mounting my own receiver design which would make a store bought Class III or IV look like class I or II in comparison. I like using the 8 or 16 ton ball pintle combo units that way I can pull either type trailers but I use a hardened sleeve over the ball when the trailer has the ring lunet. When using a ball hitch trailer I close the pintle over the top and latch it down. I often use load equalizing anti sway bars when I have over 3000 LBS tongue weight and over 14,000 LBS on the trailer axles because I don't want my drive ale to be over 10,000 LBS if my steer axle is below 4000 LBS I have 1 ply rated tires on the steer good for 3500 LBS each my drive tires are good for 5800 LBS each and do not need too have duels, the trailer tires are good for 4000 LBS each the ales are 8000 LB rated with oversize electric brakes. gr 7 safety chains and a brake away lanyard and switch with on board battery. MY small single axle trailer is only good for 6000 lbs. My truck normally weighs 8000 LBS without being loaded or pulling a trailer.Plus the wheel base is 169"
    What I hate to se are these guys trying to pull a 30 ft boat with a small SUV or trying to pull a 3 axle RV trailer with one. or pulling a 8 ft wide pop up camper with their ford focus. their vehicles are not heavy enough compared to the towed unit or not wide enough to see around them. bumpers dragging the ground, headlights searching the sky, or the back of the trailer dragging lifting the rear of their cars all are recipes for disaster
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    Some mothers do have 'em Frank.

    Your rig sounds great: would like to see a pic. Thanks for sharing.

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