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Thread: Detail sawing jig

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    Detail sawing jig

    Here is my Jig for detail sawing, especially pearl works, with the jeweler saw.

    There are two holes, the most used is the bigger one, for "larger pieces", it supports the piece all around and allows for a comfortable range of angles.
    But for very small pieces, and that is very often, I use the smaller one.
    In that case, you must work carefully with the saw well vertical, otherwise you brake the blade.

    What is not showed here is my blower, I use to permanently blow the dust, while I am sawing, in order to see what I do.
    It is a camping foot pump exactly like this one :

    with the hose installed so that it blows onto my work, while I'm pumping with my foot and sawing with my hand.

    I cannot blow with the mouth ... because I wear a big respirator mask !
    Pearl dust is very dangerous for the lumb.
    Cheers !
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    Thanks Christophe! I've added your Detail Sawing Jig to our Luthiery category, as well as to your builder page: Christophe Mineau's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Sawing and pumping huh? Guess it takes a bit of practice to synchronize those motions.

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