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    Quote Originally Posted by rossbotics View Post
    This is a dial indicator attachment I designed for use in the milling machine for indicating small holes and tramming the mill, after a few hours horsing around in CAD I came up with this tool.
    Attachment 17856
    So I just procured the O-1 tool steel for the Swing arm. I stock drill rod, but no flat bar tool steel.

    I did not spend the day in the shop, as I dealt with noxious weeds on the adjoining property. Stinging Nettle, cocklebur, and many other weed species. I did have to repair the lawn mower that I use as a brush hog. And it required a lathe to make a new muffler bolt.
    Dial Indicator Attachment-2017-05-29-muffler-bolts-006.jpgDial Indicator Attachment-2017-05-29-muffler-bolts-002.jpg The bolt stock is a 3/8"x3" bolt turned down as a shoulder bolt to 1/4-20 threads. So it was a good memorial day, and I'm pooped pushing the mower over 3 foot high weeds.

    And once again I high jacked the tread with the early post of wire wheels which caused a diversion to shop safety. But I hope to be able to post photos of the finished dial indicator holder, but it will probably be weeks with all the other tasks that summer brings.

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    Briefly, gloves create problems in two main instances; with cutting edge of rotating tools pointed out earlier and gaps twixt rotating objects/ solid surfaces, as stated by NortonDommi.
    Most won't object to gloves protecting against open friction.
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Wow, thanks for posting. Just what I need another project but definitely on my list!


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