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Thread: Digital dial indicator repair.

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    Digital dial indicator repair.

    Half of the display on my digital dial indicator stopped working.

    Darn pictures are not uploading here is a link.

    I had setup a DRO (Digital Read Out) system on my mill using iGaging DRO off ebay.

    I am using TouchDRO for readout on my Android tablet so I have these iGaging readouts from the DRO.

    I have them on my list to possible someday throw them out.

    So the dial indicator has a micro USB port and the iGaging readout has a usb port so I "thought" maybe
    they will work together. I have no idea of the protocol the dial indicator is using.

    Here is a video of them working together
    once again I am not able to upload videos so the link will have to do.

    But ta dah it works!! I have not tested calibration but I will not use the dial indicator to measure distance I only need a relative readout so it works.

    Saved the dial indicator using left over junk so I guess you can call this a Home Made Tool.


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