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Thread: Disposable containers

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    Disposable containers

    Slice the blisters off those annoying blister packs. They make nice, small disposable containers for paint or other liquids. Obviously, don't fill them with solvents that dissolve plastic.
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    For mixing paint I usually cut the tops off of 2 liter soda bottles ( I use Pepsi) My spray gun has a slightly larger than 1 qt so the 2 liter bottles make the perfect mixing vessels.
    for mixing fiberglass resins I cut a 1 gallon oil jug in half length wise through the handle and spout the resin will not stick to the oil jug making it them handy to re use several times
    When working on a project that has numerous small parts take a few various sized blister packs and hot glue them to a board. They are perfect for holding those tiny easily lost parts.
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    Thanks for the tips

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    Also, in many cases they'd make good molds for use in the shop: fill with silicone caulk, smooth it out, let it set up, and you've got a form-fitted pad for use at the wood lathe, in a vise for padding unusually shaped items, etc.

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