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Thread: DIY Cable Puller for Fiber Optic/Ethernet

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    DIY Cable Puller for Fiber Optic/Ethernet

    Need to pull some fiber optic cable (or Ethernet cable with ends) through conduit? Fiber optic does not like lots of stress and the cable ends come factory installed (not a home job). Bottom line is you want to pull the cable straight-line, smoothly and with as little force as possible. This is one way to do it made from stuff around the house.

    - Washer
    - Copper wire (or heavy string)
    - Woven mesh from sink / toilet water supply connection tube. The stainless is best. The aluminum is not very strong. (I've seen similar stuff at electrical supply companies)
    - Misc (tape, epoxy, ...)

    - Don't make the wire loop too long. I am using 4" radii sweeps in 1 " plastic conduit so this will easily clear the bends.
    - You should use long conduit sweeps (angle joints) if you are pulling computer cables, but if you use other wires (like phone) and use 90 degrees bends, be sure the puller will clear the bends BEFORE using it!

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