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Thread: DIY Easy, Low Cost Trash Bag Holder (From Scrap PVC)

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    DIY Easy, Low Cost Trash Bag Holder (From Scrap PVC)

    An easy, cheap DIY trash bag, leaf bag holder. This one is 90% recycled PVC pipes.

    It depends a lot on the size of bags you want to use.
    Height: I just measure the height of the bag and used 80%
    of that (takes pressure off the frame and allows for bag "expansion".)
    Depth: The 2 legs are 80% the depth of the bag from front to back.
    Width: The width is the width of the bag.

    - Pipe (I used recycled 1/2 inch PVC, 3/4 will also work)
    - Joints (type 1): 4x 3 way joints + 2x 90 degree joints (elbows)
    - Joints (type 2): 4x T joints + 6x 90 degree joints (elbows)

    - If you want to clip the bag mouth open, you can use plastic pipe clips from your local hardware store. Either use as-is, or screw them to a "handle" from a piece of wood or plastic for easier handling.

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