DIY Gamerís Dice Tower & Tray (FREE PLANS)-img_0770-web.jpgDIY Gamerís Dice Tower & Tray (FREE PLANS)-img_0769-web.jpgDIY Gamerís Dice Tower & Tray (FREE PLANS)-img_0768-web.jpg

FREE PLANS in pdf format (BOTH IMPERIAL & METRIC DIMENSIONS) Ė Download Info Below.

Dice Towers are a gaming accessory that has become quite popular these days among gaming enthusiasts. A gaming tower contains a series of baffles that cause the dice to rotate and spin randomly when the dice are dropped into it. The dice emerge at the bottom of the tower and into a dice tray.

I made this one at the request of a local friend, and Iíll show you how I did it in the video I made while building it. This particular dice tower was made using 2 pieces of 2x4 framing lumber, each 9Ē long. The pathway and baffles for the dice were carved out of each 2x4 (mirrored images) and the two pieces were then glued together. The dice tray was made with ľĒ plywood underlayment. I used box joints, but this is not necessary. Butt joints with glue will work just fine.

I used my X-Carve CNC router to help make these items, but I have drawn the plans for use of conventional wood working tools. If you do have a X-Carve machine or other CNC machine and would like the files I used to make this set of gaming accessories, I will publish the files on the Inventables web site under their PROJECTS heading. The link to these files will be posted below as soon as I am able to publish them with Inventables. IF you donít have Easel, it is available free through

Hereís the link to the FREE (conventional) PLANS download page in both Imperial & Metric dimensions:

Hereís the link to the Inventables Easel Project Page for this project:

Many thanks to all my subscribers for participating, commenting, liking, and sharing my videos. I very much appreciate your continued support of my YouTube channel. Itís a lot of fun for me, and I hope this trend continues.

Here's the video: