DIY Pallet Wood Christmas Star-100_1192.jpg

I had 5 leftover strakes of pallet wood, and they were the worst of what I had in inventory (I used up the better strakes in earlier projects).

I didnít want to throw them out or put them in the burn pile, so I figured they would make a good base frame for a Christmas Star. The star can then be decorated with Balsam Fir, ornaments, lights, and other such decorations as my wife see fit.

The video has been accelerated (just a little over one minute in duration), but in real time, the whole process didnít take more than 5 minutes. Thatís because I didnít bother to measure or cut the strakes, make them all even, or worry about perfect symmetry. I just tossed together as seen in the video, eyeballing everything, and then pinning the strakes together with a brad nailer (no glue).

This is something just about anyone can make at home quite easily. If you donít have a pneumatic brad nailer, you can use regular brads and a hammer (old school), or you can simply use glue and a few spring clamps until the glue sets up, or you can use a hot melt glue gun. The method does not really matter.

Tis the season to get festive and start feeling the Christmas spirit. Get off the couch and make something ďChristmas-yĒ today!