DIY Wooden Hanging Wall Sculpture-img_9583.jpg

This wooden hanging wall sculpture was made from Hackmatack (Eastern Larch) scraps I had remaining from fabricating the quarter knees and breasthook for a dinghy I built last year. The “hack” scraps came from the natural knees of the tree where the trunk extends out into the root system, causing the “Knee shape” and curved wood grain.

I didn’t have very much material left over from the boat building project, so my sculpture is a little smaller than what I would have liked to create. I think it turned out well though, considering this was my first attempt at this kind of thing.

The idea and inspiration came from Scott O’ Connor, a professional artist in California and YouTube content provider. Scott is an absolute genius and a master of his craft. He generously shares his knowledge and “secrets” through his YouTube channel on a regular basis. His work makes mine pale in comparison, and his videos always fascinate me as I watch him create his incredible art pieces.

A very big thanks and shout out go to Scott O’ Connor this week, and I would encourage all of you to check out Scott’s YouTube channel, and take a look at some of his incredible works of art. Who knows? If he can inspire me to try my hand at making a wooden hanging wall sculpture, he just might motivate you too!

Here’s the link to Scott’s YouTube Channel:

Here's the video showing how I made my sculpture: