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Thread: Do it yourself sawmill, and more

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    Congratulations brianpoundingnails - your Log Furniture Multi-Machine is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    Great win, great build - clever, thorough, and rare. This is a difficult forum loaded with experts; winning this award is tough, even for lifelong machinists. It's even more difficult for woodworkers. When woodworkers win, it's usually because of a museum-quality build, a cross-discipline woodworker making a combo woodworking/electronic/luthiery/machining tool, or, in this case - a game changing machine.

    More importantly, this is an accessible build for a lot of guys. brianpoundingnails has provided many more details here, with examples of furniture made on this machine here. I expect we'll see some similar future builds inspired by brianpoundingnails's work.

    Some good picks from this week:

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    Allen Bolt Modification by rossbotics
    Small Drawknife by Mikhandmaker
    Worm Drive Dividing Attachment by old_toolmaker
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    Toolmaker Vise by CookieCrunch
    Thumb Wheel Jig by knoba
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    Low Profile Slitting Saw Arbor by natie123
    Torque Gauge Chuck Adapter by knoba

    brianpoundingnails - we've added your tool entry to our All Homemade Tool of the Week winners post. And, you'll now notice the wrench-on-pedestal award in the awards showcase in your postbit, visible beneath your username:

    You'll be receiving a $25 online gift card, in your choice of Amazon, PayPal, or bitcoin. Please PM me your current email address and gift card choice and I'll get it sent over right away.

    Congratulations and well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toolmaker51 View Post
    Stupendous. Inspired. Awesome. Amazing....guaranteed "Tool Of The Week".
    Jon may render that service but I secretly monitor his choices by telepathic means.
    Guys, I told you!
    Our man Jon does write those honest and complimentary salutes on his own.
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    If your not selling Plans, you may consider it.

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    First off, Great build! I love the multi-function capabilities. You also have a get'r'done mentality.

    Candidly, I'm not big on using welded nuts as your lead screw positioners, but it works. Better to do it this way and have a working machine than to still be trying to machine something up....

    If you were to ever make it a kit to sell, setting up a pre-packaged set of laser cut parts for people to buy would be a nice option. In this method, you could clean up and optimize the design a bit, and supply an easier to build kit of parts for people to weld up. They could source the tube steel locally. In this manner, you would be able to make money on the kit and they would benefit from your intellectual property.

    You have put a lot of thought into this! Well done!

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    I have one issue! No videos.

    Otherwise this look like a well thought out purpose built machine.

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    Good job, Old Thing!

    Wonderfully sparing and direct design.

    Multi-purpose machines are good only when well-designed (compare ShopSmith to Felder).
    Yours is very well-designed and it looks quite useable. Congrats!

    The teflon pad sliding points are very nice.

    What CAD software did you use?

    With the slow rotation of the headstock of the lathe, you could make up a pattern-follower for the cross-slide (whilst releasing the 1" acme feed screw) and machine non-cylindrical parts (i.e., obround tenons, hexagonal sections, etc.). I started my woodworking career setting up and running a of that very design (though obviously a much heavier machine.) Note the overhead belt sander - it can be run simultaneously as a 'follower tool'.
    Charles Waugh

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    WOW!! Simply awesome build! And to think, ShopSmith though they had a multifunction machine!!!
    Looks like a hands down Tool of the Week to me.

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    I am blessed with your devise. It would be my hope that you would share your plans for building said machine for myself. [email protected]

    Post your reply!
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