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Thread: Drag racer switches motorcycles mid-race

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    Drag racer switches motorcycles mid-race

    Our best racing GIF yet, by far!

    Drag racer Filippos Papafilippou's bike swerved, crossed the line, and Papafilippou was thrown through the air at 170 MPH, and LANDED ON HIS COMPETITOR'S BIKE!

    Neither racer was seriously injured, although Papafilippou's foot saw some abrasion from the bike's tire. Maybe this is one of those rare drag racing ties!

    This is another good video to watch with the frame-by-frame trick. Pause the video, then tap or hold down the comma or period keys to watch frame-by-frame, starting around 0:08.

    Followup interview:


    Slow motion dragster GIF
    Steam locomotive drag racing
    NHRA Funny Car engine explosion

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