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Thread: Drill Press Table Elevator

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    My home built drill press (not built by me) sits on a metal bench. The way I raise or lower the heavy table is by a dedicated hydraulic jack between the bench and the collar structure. A modified screwdriver is permanently attached to the jack's valve, and the pump handle never leaves the jack. Collar is loosened/tightened by two clamping bolts. Their wrench lives a couple of cm away and is held by a microwave magnetron's magnet sticking to the collar. This many-featured drill press has served me well for 29 years. I'd post pictures, but the immediate surroundings are a mess.

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    Thanks Rick! We've added your Drill Press Table Elevator to our Drilling and Drill Presses category, as well as to your builder page: Rick's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Thanks for this idea. I have a shopsmith permanently set as a drill press and am beginning to struggle a bit with raising the table. This is more compact than a jack.

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