DTC Shop Tour  - sort of-100_1244.jpg

My shop is a complete mess, and itís well beyond the point of where I need to completely clean it out, and design/renovate a complete new layout.

All new cabinets are needed, along with much more. I drew the floor plan in CAD to help with planning purposes, but building a diorama in fairly large scale (1/12th scale or 1Ē = 1í) will allow me to have a better, real world, 3D perspective of how the new layout will look. I can also rearrange equipment and cabinets quickly, and easily, in real time. Once settling on an acceptable layout, Iíll draw the finished floor plan, and cabinet, shelve, and other storage plans in CAD. Free plans will be available once the project is finished.

A large scale diorama or model is a great tool for planning purposes and showing others what you have in mind.

This video shows you how I have begun to go about this (building the diorama to scale) and a tour of the layout Iím starting with.