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Thread: ER 25 collet chuck with D1-4 fitting

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    ER 25 collet chuck with D1-4 fitting

    A homemade ER25 collet chuck. This works very well and enables short components to be held securely, the main body and cam lock pins were manufactured in the workshop and the collet nose nut was purchased
    ER 25 collet chuck with D1-4 fitting-er25-collet-chuck.png

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    Thanks thehomeengineer! We've added your ER25 Collet Chuck to our Workholding category,
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    Hi thehomeengineer,

    You had my attention with the ER-collet-to D1-4 fitting since you first introduce yourself and provided the website Practical Engineering . I currently use a ER32 CNC collet chuck that is 6" long by 1.5" diameter with a smooth straight shaft held in another tru-adjust 6-jaw chuck. It works okay and can be set up to be within 0.0002" TIR by rotating and clamping the collet chuck into the best position for minimum TIR but not a very fast setup. Ideally, I would like to make an ER32 collet chuck that mounts directly on my D1-4 lathe spindle and do away with the hardened 6-jaw chuck jaws holding another hardened collet chuck, with a potential for damaging the hardened surfaces.

    Thank you for posting the D1-4 collet chuck.

    Paul Jones

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